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Helping U.S. colleges, universities and schools with their international student recruitment efforts is our only focus. We understand the difficulties and intense competition U.S. school officials face when it comes to recruiting international students. Our global reach is extensive and we know how to strategically target an international audience. This allows us to offer advertising solutions that truly help our clients reach their enrollment goals.

D. Naidu, Director, USA Study Guide

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  1. Promote your school to prospective students from over 150 countries.
  2. Reach students who are the point of making final decisions about their education.
  3. Stand out from your competition.
  4. Reach your international enrollment goals cost-effectively.

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Comments, a division of iStudent Recruiters, LLC, specializes in international student recruitment. We are a world leader in promoting U.S. educational institutions and helping implement effective marketing and promotional solutions. Our reach extends to more than 150 countries and we are recommended as a valuable resource by thousands of schools and organizations. As a result of our years of online marketing experience, receives thousands of highly-qualified student visitors each day from around the globe who are eager to study in the U.S. This provides you with the opportunity to promote your school to a highly-targeted audience of international students who are ready to make the choice to attend your school.

Much like a recruitment fair, we help match the right students with the right U.S. schools, except we are able to do it faster and more cost-effectively. Using our services, you will reach many more students than you ever could at an overseas fair, and at a much lower cost. We have the flexibility to customize our services specifically to each client, thereby giving you the best results possible for your given situation and budget. makes it possible to advertise your school to a worldwide audience and effectively recruit more international students. Please contact us using the form above. One of our representatives will contact you within a few hours to discuss your needs, explain our services, and determine the best and most effective advertising options for you.

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