The Safety of International Students

The idea that American cities are full of crime has been created by the movie and television industries. It is extremely exaggerated and not a good representation of real life in America. Major cities in the US are no more dangerous than any large city in any other industrialized nation. Furthermore, many colleges and universities are located in small towns and rural areas, where the pace of life is slow and crime rates are very low.

The safety and security of students are high priorities for universities and colleges. Universities have their own security forces on campus which usually do an excellent job of patrolling and protecting the facilities. This is especially true at schools that have student housing on campus. In fact, living on campus is probably the best choice for an international student, particularly if he is not used to living alone. It is convenient, safe, and usually less expensive than living off campus. It also makes it easier to meet new friends.

The U.S. Department of Education collects statistics on crimes committed on campus from thousands of schools. The information collected is compiled in a database.