College and School Admission

Admission at US colleges and universities can be very competitive for international students. US vocational, ESL and high school admissions are generally less competitive, but there are exceptions. Much depends on the school in question and the qualifications of the international student. In order to be accepted at a US school, you must have attained good grades, completed challenging coursework, obtained sufficient financing, and developed a strong command of the English language. You can search our list of US schools to find a school that meets your needs.

Less competitive schools have less stringent admissions for international students. Each school sets its own international student admissions requirements. Different schools will have different minimum requirements for grades as well as for standardized tests (such as the TOEFL and the SAT). Even within the same school, there may be different requirements pertaining to admissions for international students, depending on the major (or course of study) selected. For example, international students who want to major in engineering at a USA university will be required to have completed more courses in math and science than students who want to major in business. Typically, the higher your grades and test scores, the better your chances of being accepted by at least one top school.

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Above all, successful admissions for international students to a US school requires preparation. The admissions process is a long one, and should ideally begin at least 18 months before your expected arrival in the US. Organization and planning are very important because timely completion of all the necessary steps is key. As a guideline, you should follow the schedule provided in the international student application calendar