What to major in?

The purpose of going to college is to receive a degree. That degree must be in a specified field known as the "major." Although most undergraduate schools do not require applicants to choose a major before they are admitted, all students must select (or "declare") a major by the end of their second year. It is best to know what you would like to study before deciding on which schools you will apply to. This way you can choose schools that not only offer that subject as a major, but which also have strong programs in that subject. Some colleges and universities have highly reputable (and usually very competitive) programs in some fields, but weaker programs in other fields. Also, some schools may have a strong undergraduate program in a specific field, but a weak graduate program.

Find a school near you

Speaking of, you can check out some information about an online degree in organizational leadership or online accounting programs, which are some of the most popular chosen ones. If you are not sure what to study, here is a list of college majors. If you are not sure what subject to choose for your major, do not worry. Many American students start their first year of college "undeclared;" in other words, with no selected major. A good choice for a student who has not selected a major is a liberal arts college. Liberal arts colleges offer a broad selection of majors so you will probably be able to find something that interests you. Also, at a liberal arts college you will be introduced to various subjects as part of the course requirements for graduation. Exposure to these subjects may make it easier for you to select a major by your second year in college.