Student Loans for International Students

While the cost of an American education is high and can add up to tens of thousands of US dollars, it is an investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Since you will be required to prove you have the necessary financial resources in order to obtain an international student visa, it is very important to first calculate how much your total USA education will cost. The information in the Calculating costs section will help you. Please note that, in general, it is not easy to obtain an international student scholarship or international student loan since competition amongst applicants is fierce. There are literally thousands of students who apply for scholarships for international students and international student loans.

Once you have determined how much international student financing you will need, you must next determine how you will obtain that student financing. Are you parents financing your USA education? Have you obtained an international student scholarship? Have you been able to secure an international student loan? Refer to the Looking for international student funding section first, and then to the various sections on aid.