Profiling International Students

Lufti Ugurlu, Turkey

Lufti decided to come to the USA to study because the education and job opportunities are much better than in his country. He is studying at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, Florida. He first came to the USA to find a job. That was in Alabama, but he was living in a college town and didn't have much chance of finding work there in the future. He is currently a sophomore (second year undergraduate student) and has been in America for three years. He has his family to thank for financing his education.

In the beginning, it was hard for Lufti. "My first day in my classroom it was horrible for me because it was hard for me to understand our professor." But now when asked what he likes most about living and studying in the USA, Lufti answers, "It is wonderful to live here. You have lots of chances for your education, computer labs, etc." He has met lots of people here, and says that the best thing is wherever he goes in the world he has a friend that he can stay with. His advice to other students who would like to study in the USA is to "be yourself and trust yourself. You can do that. It should be hard for you the first four months, but after that you will get used to it. Do not worry about anything. If you want to get a good education, the USA is the place for you." When asked what he would recommend other students to bring with them from home, he says "their family's love and trust. That's all. You can find anything here except your family's love."

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