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The types of academic courses that students take in high school are proven to be a crucial factor in getting students admitted into top colleges and universities. The rigor, or level of difficulty, of students' high school coursework affects their likelihood of admission into a competitive college. For example, many four-year colleges and universities require advanced mathematics courses for admission, and students who have completed a rigorous high school math curriculum are more likely to enroll in the college of their choice than those students who have not.

In addition to rigorous coursework, studies have shown that students' eventual college enrollment goals are consistent with those of their peers. In other words, students who are surrounded by other students with aspirations to attend highly-rated, competitive colleges and universities will themselves decide to pursue similar aspirations. Assistance from teachers and other school staff is also extremely beneficial. Students who receive help from their educators in preparing for entrance exams, in writing their admissions essays, and in completing their college applications are usually more successful at gaining admission to the colleges of their choice.

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Therefore, the selection of which high school to attend has an enormous impact on a student's ability to be admitted to some of the most highly rated and competitive colleges in the United States. When choosing a high school, consider the variety and level of courses offered, particularly in mathematics. Also consider the success rate of previous students at gaining admission to top-rated four-year colleges. Finally, find out how committed and involved the teachers and staff are to helping their students reach their full academic potential.

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