Attending High School in the US

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The USA high school system is unlike that of many other countries. There is little national standardization in the typical USA high school (or secondary school) curriculum. Individual states have great control over what coursework is taught in the schools within their borders, as well as in the requirements that students must meet in order to graduate with a high school diploma. Therefore, what courses and subjects are offered will vary depending on where the high school is located. Many international students choose to study at one of the many USA boarding schools. You can search our list of the top boarding schools in the USA

The coursework will also vary depending on whether the high school is public or private. US public high schools are operated by the government and are financed by public funds. These schools are free to all students, even foreigners. The quality of education can vary greatly between different public high schools, primarily because of differences in the amount of funding that different schools receive. Private US high schools are operated by private individuals and are financed by private funds. These private high schools are not controlled by any government agency, but their students must still meet the minimum graduation requirements set by the state. All private high school students must pay tuition, regardless of their nationality. Private USA high schools are popular because they offer options that are not available at public high schools. These may include advanced math and science courses, a broader selection of foreign languages, and better art, music and athletic programs.

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Students who are interested in attending a USA high school need to first familiarize themselves with the American school system. The information provided in the Overview section will help you develop that understanding. After familiarizing yourself with the school system, you will need to determine which US high schools will provide the best educational experience for you. The goal of most international students who attend high school in the US is to eventually be admitted into a USA college or university. Therefore, the most important consideration is: how will the high school I have selected give me access to the best colleges?