Boys and Girls Boarding Schools: Private, Military and Christian

The United States boasts some of the top boarding schools around. There are excellent girls and boys boarding schools for all needs and ages. There are elite top private boarding schools as well as more affordable options. There are schools that cater to Christian children and those for troubled teens. Some schools offer the option to be a day student without boarding while offering the same quality education. As you can see, the options for attending boarding school in the US are almost endless.

Below is where you will find the USA girls and boys boarding schools, listed by the state they are located in. These schools offer residency and top-notch education, preparing children for a bright future. The schools listed here include boarding schools for boys, girls, and troubled teens. There are also boarding schools which offer a military or christian education. Find the schools which are best suited to your needs from the list below.

Boys and Girls Boarding Schools List


Indian Springs School


The Fernster School

Saint Paul's Preparatory Academy

Southwestern Academy


Ozark Adventist Academy


The Athenian School

Happy Valley School

Monte Vista Christian School

Southwestern Academy


The Canterbury School

Choate Rosemary Hall

The Marvelwood School

The Taft School


Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Crested Butte Academy


Montverde Academy

The Vanguard School


Brandon Hall School

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

Tallulah Falls School


Fox River Country Day School

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart


Howe Military School


Saint John's Military School


George Stevens Academy

Bridgton Academy

Maine Central Institute


Garrison Forest School (Girls)

Saint James School

Sandy Spring Friends School


Berkshire School

Dana Hall School (Girls)

Worcester Academy


The Leelanau School


Cotter High School


The Piney Woods School


Missouri Military Academy

New Hampshire

Brewster Academy

Hampshire Country School

New Hampton School

The White Mountain School

New Jersey

American Boychoir School

The Lawrenceville School

New York

Darrow School

The Gow School

Hoosac School

New York Military Academy

Oakwood Friends School

North Carolina

Christ School

Salem Academy (Girls)


The Andrews School (Girls)

The Grand River Academy


George School

Linden Hall School for Girls

Wyoming Seminary

Rhode Island

Saint Andrew's School


Baylor School

The Webb School


The Brook Hill School

Incarnate Word High School


The Greenwood School

Lyndon Institute

Vermont Academy


The Northwest School


Chatham Hall (Girls)

Episcopal High School

Massanutten Military Academy

Virginia Episcopal School

West Virginia

The Linsly School


Saint John's Northwestern Military Academy

Choosing the best boarding school:

1. Determine the best type of boarding school for your child. Would your son or daughter do better with only boys or only girls? Would a Christian or a military curriculum be best? Does your child perhaps need the type of special care offered in a boarding school for troubled teens? Or would a co-ed environment be best?

2. Decide whether boarding schools specializing in academics or discipline are more important, or a mixture of both. Different schools specialize in catering to different needs.

3. Figure out how much it will cost to send your child to boarding school and how it will fit into your budget. Include the travel cost for holidays to and from school, too.

4. Determine how close you want to be to the boarding schools you are considering and how often you would like to have your child come home for visits.

5. Finally, visit the schools your are considering with your child. Make sure your child feels comfortable at the boarding school.

6. Speak to others who have attended the schools you are considering and obtain references.