Admissions Essays for College

College application essays are one of the most important components of your admissions application and it's important that you take the time to write something that really stands apart from the rest. A poorly written college admissions essay can lead to a quick rejection. After all, the only way the admissions board will learn about you and your goals is through this personal statement. You have to look at your essays as an opportunity to present yourself, your educational goals and your career goals, and explain why you would be the student the college or university you are applying to needs. So don't you want to ask us: "Write an essay for me?"

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Tips for Writing a Strong College Admissions Essay

Some essential tips for writing your essay:

  1. Organize your essay so it flows in a logical order. If you're telling a story about where you grew up and how you learned something, make sure you're organizing the essay in a timeline fashion. If you're writing an expository essay, make sure you have a solid introduction, a detail-rich body and an adequate conclusion. Your essay needs to be easy to read but also engaging.
  2. Use personal anecdotes. The admissions board isn't looking for boilerplate copy or an essay that doesn't reveal much about the writer's character and personality. Make sure you're including specific examples throughout the essay so that your personality can shine through.
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  4. Take time to edit and revise it. Winning college application essays are rarely written perfectly the first time around. Take some time to read, review and edit your piece so that it doesn't contain unnecessary information and is free of grammar and spelling errors. Give yourself enough time to write something of substance, and something that will make your essay stand apart from the thousands of submissions the college receives.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing College Application Essays

One of the worst things you can do when writing your college essay is to just make a long list of your activities, accomplishments and goals. The essay needs to be engaging and compelling, and tell the story of who you are and what you plan to accomplish throughout your educational career. Only submitting a list can convey the wrong impression and doesn't tell the admissions board much about you. These essays need to show that you're responsible, thoughtful and still have a personality.

Some mistakes to avoid include:

  • Using the wrong tone - your college admissions essay needs to be written in a professional, not informal tone. Avoid writing this essay in a "blog style" or a casual tone as if you were talking to a friend. Remember you are trying to make a good impression and need to avoid humor and informal styles of writing at all times. Focus on creating a very professional but personable piece that truly represents who you are.
  • Making it too short - aim to keep your essay under 800 words, but don't make it less than 500. You should be able to share a good amount of information within 800 words, and need to weave in your achievements, personal goals and other key points without creating a long list.
  • Making spelling and grammar mistakes - punctuation errors, grammar problems and spelling mistakes make essays seem less professional and can even make them difficult to understand. Strong writing skills will always win points, so make sure you edit and proofread your piece thoroughly. Ask a professional editor or an English teacher for help if you need it.